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Network Traffic Analysis

This is an advanced level course that will utilize instructor-led classroom lecture and discussion in conjunction with hands-on computer lab exercises designed to introduce students to Network analysis tools, and then allow students to use the tools in a real world environment. Students will learn how to conduct traffic analysis on their internal networks by taking a “deep-dive” into network traffic analysis using Wireshark and other tools to identify regular and anomalous network traffic. Techniques taught will prepare students to identify network attacks by context and type. Students will gain knowledge about network traffic types, how to identify attacks against their networks, and how to identify internal hazards.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

This four-hour web-based course is an introduction to the fundamentals of cybersecurity for technical personnel and technical managers. Topics addressed will highlight cybersecurity concepts and best practices that are core to a cybersecurity program for an organization. The course will serve as a guide to identify the essential cybersecurity principles needed in an organization, and discuss how these principles protect networks and data. It will address current cyber threats confronting organizations today, and will highlight best practices used to protect, defend, respond to, and/or recover from cyber-attacks and cyber-threats. This course has been developed by CJI, but is hosted and will be accessed from the website of an NCPC partner. It will be available soon at the following URL:

Cybersecurity Controls and Compliance for Educational Institutions

This is an introductory level two-day instructor-led Awareness course that will provide school district employees with information that will assist them in meeting cybersecurity compliance requirements, safeguarding student and staff data, addressing cybersecurity risks/threats, and minimize the chance of data leaks.

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