No prerequisite other than being employed by or having direct
involvement in decision making with a public or private school
district or institution of higher learning.

This is a Non-Technical course.

Course Description

This is a 1-day Non-Technical awareness level course. The
purpose of the course is to provide school administrators,
school district employees, and other educators, to include
institutions of higher education, with training to assist them
in addressing cybersecurity threats to their computer
networks, minimize the chance of data leaks, meet
compliance requirements, and safeguard student and staff
data. Upon completion of this course, participants will have
an increased understanding of the controls and compliance
needed to protect their network, faculty, staff, and
student data.

Target Audience:  Public/Private School administrators, higher education
administrators, IT staff members, teachers, or other
individuals who are involved in establishing rules and
regulations, such as School Board members.