Designed as a progressive instruction class, this course
material covers in-depth concepts that move from an
basic to intermediate level. This is a hands-on course
where specific network and security knowledge and
experience are required. Two years of experience as a IT
professional is recommended. An intermediate
understanding of network concepts, along with general
knowledge of computer operating systems, is required.
Experience with handling cyber incidents is preferred.

Course Description

Students learn about IoT technologies through a
balance of instructor-led classroom discussion
combined with hands-on lab exercises that enhance
the learning environment. Lab exercises are designed
to give students practical real-world experience,
where they will learn how to secure and monitor IoT
platforms consisting of a variety of sensors.
Students will learn about IoT device technologies such
as sensing and actuating functions, IoT protocol stacks
(Zigbee, 5G, NFC, MQTT, etc.), networking backhaul
design, security enforcement, and data management
for IoT platforms.
Students will acquire knowledge and understanding of
the IoT technology segment and how it interfaces with
traditional Information Technology solutions with the
confidence to carry out tasks they will commonly
encounter in their work settings.

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